“Bagage – Custom Font Generator” is the outcome of the final thesis (M.A.) of Daniel Stuhlpfarrer at the University of the Arts Berlin in the class of Prof. Fons Hickmann. This work examines the effect that a cooperation between man and machine has on the design of type and what a future of type design could look like as a result. The key question is: How relevant is the use of new technologies in terms of type design? This question was further explored using the theories of Gerrit Noordzij's “The Stroke”, Donald E. Knuth's theory of a “metafont” and the unification of type by Douglas R. Hofstadter from the 70s and 80s. With this knowledge and speculation, an algorithm and an associated web application was developed. This web application generates a custom font based on the personality of the human being.

Bagage – Custom Font Generator: